Declan Walsh

The Islamabad-based correspondent discusses the Prophet Muhammad cartoon controversy, blasphemy laws in Pakistan and why context is key when reporting religious conflict. More >



Frank La Rue

The United Nations Special Rapporteur for freedom of expressions says respect for religions cannot be imposed through blasphemy laws but must be promoted as part of a culture of peace. More >


Premesh Chandran

The co-founder of Malaysia’s leading independent news website, Malaysiakini, explains the state of ethnic politics in the country and why hate speech has been on the rise. More >



Guy Berger

UNESCO’s director of freedom of speech and media development assesses the role of the media in the spate of xenophobic attacks in his homeland, South Africa. More >



Yazuv Baydar

A veteran journalist and news ombudsman explains why education campaigns and ethical training are not enough to address the problem of hate speech in Turkey. More >



Tarlach McGonagle

The Council of Europe has issued non-binding statements on hate speech. This human rights law expert explains why such declarations have an important place next to legally binding instruments. More >


Teguh Santosa

The editor of an Indonesian online news portal, who was arrested for blasphemy for publishing the Prophet Mohammed cartoons, explains why it is not enough to tell extremists that they must be tolerant. More >


Odd Isungset

A Norwegian investigative journalist discusses liberal Norway’s confrontations with intolerance. He explains why, after the dust has settled, it is important to revisit violent acts over religious feelings. More >


Romila Thapar

Romila Thapar, one of world’s most distinguished historians of India, is Professor Emerita at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi. Thapar discusses her views on Hindutva-inspired book bans in India. More >


Mark Potok squareMark Potok

One of the leading experts on American hate groups shares his concerns about rising Islamophobia and explains the United States’ exceptional commitment to free speech. Potok is with the anti-hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center. More >