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Hate Spin: The Manufacture of Religious Offense and its Threat to Democracy (MIT Press, 2016). For pricing and other details, visit the MIT Press site. Order from Amazon: click here.

Publishers Weekly (Best Books 2016)

“This timely work provides an essential warning against the misuse of perceived religious-based bias and an unmasking of the real motives of those who incite manufactured offense.”


Times Higher Education (Book of the Week)

“In the past two years, we have watched American democracy contort itself into a deformed version of polarised populism, stripped of its modern virtues of inclusivity, equality and social justice. George’s work demonstrates that this is a problem not just for the US, but one facing all developed democracies.” – Review by Angelia Wilson, University of Manchester (PDF).



“This is a highly important book. It shows conclusively that the charges of many secularists—that religions are filled with fanatics waiting to pour their wrath on the heads of transgressors against their narrow worldviews—is untrue. Only when cynical and manipulative politicians manage to skew debates and twist truths do we see this occurring. George has done both the scholarly and policy worlds a huge favour by telling it like it is. Anyone who wishes to know how and why such nasty, vituperative and shortsighted policies such as President Trump’s current one against American Muslims appear to be succeeding should read this book.” — Jeffrey Haynes, co-editor, Democratization, and Director, Centre for the Study of Religion, Conflict and Cooperation, London Metropolitan University.


The Straits Times

“This erudite and insightful study of how a certain self-righteousness is impeding everyone’s freedom and increasing inequality everywhere should be everyone’s go-to primer on what ails the 21st century and how to help the world heal.” – Review by Cheong Suk Wai, “The Big Read”. (PDF | Web)